Golf or Baseball


Foothills Golf Course Sunset by neepster, on Flickr

To the few people I’ve talked to there is no golf and baseball.  You like one or the other and that’s it!  I fall into the camp of golf and my wife falls into the camp of baseball.  And as near as I can determine, it has to do with how you grew up.  She grew up watching her brother play baseball and I did a lot of my growing up on the golf course.

Spring, for me, starts when the Masters happen.  I try and watch as much of the tournament as possible. For those in the baseball field, I’m sure spring starts for them when spring training starts or the season starts.  I’m not really sure.

While I’ve been to one professional golf tournament, The John Deere Classic, and found it rather boring at the time I’m sure I enjoyed it a bit more than the couple of baseball games I’ve been to.  I do enjoy baseball games for watching people, but the game baffles me.  Sure I know what a strike out is and a home run, but beyond that I’m quite lost.  Give me a birdie or a bogey or maybe a hole in one.

Since we seem to cover both sides of the spectrum here, I’m very curious to see what our little boy ends up liking.  He’s got quite an arm already, I think, so maybe baseball is in his future. And the golf club set I got him for his birthday, he hardly paid attention to, other than the hit the ground and sometimes try to hit the dog.  I don’t know where he’ll end up at, but whatever it is, I’ll support him.  And if it’s baseball I guess I’ll have to go about figuring out why someone can foul 6 balls in a row into the grand stand and still get to hit (I don’t know if this is really the case but it seems like it!).



I think most everyone who wants to create or invent something can not wait until their finished product is launched and they can begin to watch their numbers, or whatever it is they consider to be success. However before you can get to that point you’ve got to make little steps of progress in order to get there.  It’s a pain in the ass, but that’s the only way you reach that point at which you can watch your numbers.

I’m continuing to plug along on my personal project (not ready to say what exactly), and I’m making progress.  I dare say that I’ve made more progress on this project than any of my other projects.  A big part of my progress is because I’m getting up at 5:30 AM and getting stuff done.  It’s not much time, but I’m now attempting to do this three days a week.  I’m not sweating the time it’s taking me.  I’m actually enjoying it.

But I find myself starting to become paralyzed by over analysis.  It’s happened before and it will continue to happen. But I’ve found that making little steps of progress has helped.  Just concentrate on one thing. Even if it’s as simple as putting Google Analytics on the home page. That’s progress.  There have been two mornings that I was supposed to get up, that I didn’t, but I made up for it by working in the evening while the TV was on.  Step by step I will get there!

Best of luck on your projects and may your progress keep you going!