Open Source in Corporate America

Is open source software/databases/etc still that gray area you don’t really want to look at unless you really have to?  I only bring this up because over the last few weeks I’ve been talking to vendors about replacing a product at the place I work.  It’s very obvious to me companies still favor non open source compared to open source.  I’m not here to say  everything should be open source, but I think there are circumstances in which open source and provide a very good service and possibly at a lower cost.

The open source movement was just getting started when I entered the tech field a little over 15 years ago and I’m surprised that in this day and age it’s still not as prevalent as one would expect. Perhaps I should clarify.  It’s not as prevalent in corporate America as I’d expect.  It’s all over the place on the web and powers some of the largest companies in the world. Yet for corporate America, it’s never mentioned.

Am I wrong in this assumption?