Speed up your wireless network

Wifi Analyzer Screenshots

Just sitting down to watch that new movie on Netflix and it’s on Super HD (what is that by the way?).  And it starts and then it stops.  And starts and stops.  Yeah I haven’t had that happen to me in quite sometime due to what I’m going to suggest below.

The first couple of things I always suggest are:

  • Make sure you have updated your wireless router
  • Make sure that a password is required to get on your network
  • Don’t broadcast your SSID

Most people have done two of those 3 options already, so this next one is the frosting on top.

  • Change the channel that your wireless is broadcast on.

Huh, you might be asking yourself.

Well most wireless routers default to channel 6 for broadcasting. And if everyone is coming over that channel your going to have crashes and collisions with packets.  So move the channel from 6 to another one.  You can get this app on your Android phone or tablet that will tell you what the best option is.  I think there is one for you iPhone users out there, but I don’t know what it is.

Since I made this change on our router I’ve not had Netflix or Amazon Prime ‘pause’ on us due to speed.  It’s been AWESOME.  Cause honestly it was pretty bad for awhile.

if you know of any other tips/tricks for getting more out of your wireless I’m all ears.

The Zest for Life: Where has it gone?

Toddler boy portrait

Toddler boy portrait by Livia Chamelle @Flickr

As I’ve watched my grow up the last 30 months it’s been incredible.  I sometimes sit back and just marvel at all of the things he’s learning and doing.  Most of them are good things, but some make you shake your head and other’s need to be replaced with other actions.  But what amazes me is his zest for life.

He doesn’t sleep in, which bothers my wife and I at times, but when he’s up he’s ready to go.  There’s no “wait I need a cup of coffee”.  It’s “daddy play with me downstairs” or “chase me”.  And it’s made me wonder when we, as adults, have lost this zest for life.  Is it because we have to go to work?  Go to school?  Something else that gets us down?  If everything was different and we loved our job and loved school would we have more zest for life, like a 2 and a half year old?  I don’t have the answer to that, but at times I wonder where the zest for life has gone.  I think it’s time that we find some more zest for life.

What do you think?

The top 100 books of 2013 by Amazon

It would be fair for me to say that I’ve increased my reading this year.  I don’t know the exact count of what I’ve read, but it’s been more than past years. Why that is I’m not really sure.  Perhaps it’s my Kindle and all the free books there, but as I look back I realize many of the books I’ve read are from the library.

And as we end head to the last part of the year, we begin to be bashed over the head with “the best of 2013” stuff, hoping that we’ll buy it.  Just yesterday I was pushed the Amazon list of the best books of 2013. (the top book being The Goldfinch…which I’ve never heard of!)I looked through it and discovered that I had not read a single one of the books on there and there were less than 5 that I was half way interested in reading.  Does this make me a ‘bad’ reader?  Nope.  Just makes me someone who doesn’t read a lot of literature, because that’s mostly what’s on that list.  For better or for worse I like the books that take me away to another world for a bit of escape.

How many have you read on this list?  Or perhaps on the GoodReads list (I’m more likely to have read something off of this list, but if I remember correctly I hadn’t read many, but did want to read a good many more!)

Welcome to Wyoming, it can get cold here!

WinterThis last week, for us in Wyoming and many other places, has been some of the coldest weather we’ve experienced in quite awhile.  And while I’m usually not one to gripe about weather this time of year I do have to say it was colder than I like.  But despite locking my keys in my car on the first day of the cold spell it was rather nice to get into a car that was parked in a garage over night. That was really nice. I saw my fair share of people posting about cold weather and some parents who wanted to keep their kids in during this time.  Which got me to thinking a bit about my childhood.

I specifically remember school being cancelled one day because of snow and cold.  It was cold enough that it shut down the ski resort and that place never shut down (this was in north west Montana).  So what did we do?  We spent it outside!  We lived next to an area called a slough that we could sled down into.  It was more like 5 seconds of straight down through weeds that had grown up during the summer.  Sometimes we hit stumps from trees beavers had chopped down, but after awhile we figured out where these were and avoided them.  It was great. When we got cold or hungry we would make our way to the house and eat something and get a hot chocolate and be on our way again.  Odd that I remember this day, but it is one that I remember due to everything else being shut down.

I wonder now how cold it was on that day. Was it as cold as we’ve had these last couple of days?  I don’t know, probably never will know.  But I wonder because a few parents have said “oh skin will freeze in X minutes”.  Granted we have wind here and not where I grew up as a kid.  But regardless I wonder if the ‘lack of information’ back in that day made us less likely to stay in and now because we have all of this information available to us (shoved at us?) we stay in because it says it’s to cold.  I don’t know.  And parents have the right to keep their kids in, if they think it’s to cold.  I can tell you this however.  If my boy was old enough and I wasn’t stuck at work I would have been out on the hill sledding with him.  It may not have lasted long, but we would have been out there.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on winter and if you believe more information keeps us from doing things that we may have done in the past!

Have a great week.