Interview Part 2 – Fiction

This is a continuing story.  You should The Offer and The Interview Part 1 before reading this!

“Have a seat,” Haldon said.

Haldon’s office was on the 5th floor.  It wasn’t lavish or even that big.  It did however have a great view looking to the mountains to the west.

“I apologize for not giving you more information on what 12 does.  I’m usually talking to people who have heard about us or have worked in an environment like this before.  12 is a intelligence agency.  I suppose that’s the best way to describe it.  But we’re a bit different.  We are a non-profit and we are supported by Christian organizations across the world.”

“That seems a bit odd.  One doesn’t think of a Christian organization supporting what we know of intelligence agencies.  Tell me more.”

“True.  The media doesn’t give intelligence agencies enough credit for what we do.  We, like other agencies, have agents in the field.  We don’t make it a point to kill or harm anyone, but sometimes that can’t avoided.  But lets get to what we need you for here.  We need you to get our network up and running and our computers.  As Shawn may have told you the contractor on the building didn’t finish the job so we’ve just been getting by.  As great as Shawn is he is not a systems administrator.  We need your help.”

“I can probably help you with that however when I’m done with that then what?”

“Well there is of course maintaining.  Shawn can help with that, to some extent, but I need you to do that.  I think you’ll find that there is plenty to do.  From keeping the operatives laptops going to introducing new technology.  Despite being a non-profit organization we have a rather large budget so we’d like to stay up on technology,” Haldon explained.

“Okay.  Can you talk about pay and benefits?”

“Only fair I suppose,” Haldon said.

“Well we have full health insurance for you and your family.  100% paid.  The family also has access to the gym and Rich and his training staff.  Free.  As for pay you name what you want to make.  We believe that if you are making what you want to make that you’ll do better work.  So we cut that out of the way.  The budget you know.”

“WOW…that’s incredible.  Any retirement?”

“Of course.  Are you interested?  You’d have access to everything so some descretion would be needed.  Are you interested?”

“This sounds like an incredible opportuntiy.  I’d have to talk it over with my wife, but I think she’d agree we’d probably take it.  But let me talk to her.”

“I’d expect nothing less.  We encourage our employees to work with their family through everything,” Said Haldon.