Maffetone running

At this point I don’t consider myself a runner but I am working my way towards there. If I can get to a year of consistent running I’ll then consider myself a runner. Despite that I am considering this time of year my off season. My hope and my goal is to build a bigger base but most of all be consistently running 4 to 5 times a week. For building the base I’m following some heartrate training called Maffetone training. Basically you take your age and subtract that from 180 and this is the heart rate you should train at ( there are a few modifiers here and there that add or subtract from the initial number ).

This morning I went for a run, in the cold, and took my heart rate monitor with me. While it didn’t seem like I was going all that fast my heart rate showed that I was. I was definitely not in my Maf zone (137-142). ┬áSo not the best run for the heart rate training but I did get some miles in.

As I was running and seeing my heart rate be out of the zone I wondered if this is the best way for me to train. I plan on following this for another month or two to see how things progress, hopefully, and then deciding if I should change things up. My goals for 2016 are a sub 20 minute 5k and to run a half marathon. The later of those two is easy. The first not so much. I guess the more important goal is consistency!

Happy running.