November 2018

After Vacation Workout!

Weight: 219.6 (yikes…damn 2 Thanksgiving meals…an just vacation eating in general!) 6 Rounds of the following (about 1:30 per round) 2 Hand Kettlebell Swings (1 with 20lb bell, rest 35lb bell) 5 overhead press per hand (15lb bell) 10 Lunges/10 Step ups (did 3 sets of lunges and did 3 sets of step ups) 10  Standing […]

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A round of 8

8 rounds of the following: 2 hand kettlebell swing x 10 (20 lbs) Push-up x 8 Deadlift x 8 (35 lbs) This took me about 12 minutes to finish. Not really pushing it as I want to ease into things, but I was also huffing and puffing pretty good at the end. The thing I’ve […]

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Back to working out…hopefully!

If anyone reads this blog I’m just going to warn you that I plan on posting my workouts to try and help me be more consistent.  So fair warning! 3 Sets of the following 2 Hand Kettlebell Swings x 15 Bodyweight Squats x 5 Pushups x 5 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Mostly walking but […]

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