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21 Days of Primal now Complete!

We made it! 21 days of Primal eating is complete.  Okay that sounds bad. It really does. Cause quite honestly we like it so much that it really could have gone without any fan fare or weighing it or anything like that. But we did and we are continuing on down the primal path. Anyways for anyone who might be coming here besides spammers here’s the results from 21 days.  You can see what the original numbers were in this post.


Weight: 219.8 LBS (down 4.5 lbs)
Belly Measurement: 39.25 inches (down .75 inches)
Chest Measurement: 37.25 inches ( down 1.75 inches)

Not bad I think.  Part of me wants to feel a bit discouraged about the weight loss, but I’m not.  I feel so damn good it doesn’t matter that much to me.  I know more will come off and I’ll post those numbers up as I go along on this journey.  The almost 2 inches lost on the chest I can tell.  My shirts fit differently and I feel a lot better. My wife has lost a few more pounds than me an many more inches than me.

Where do we go from here? Well, we continue down this path and see where it gets us.  I actually feel like working out now and have been doing a few things here and there (squats and push-ups mainly), so that’s one thing I’m looking to improve upon.  The diet can be tightened up a bit, but we are LOVING what we are eating.  It’s not a chore.

If you are considering going primal here’s something we discovered today.  If you shop at Walmart like many people do consider going to a shopping place that has a in house butcher shop.  You’ll find meat is cheaper.  We also found that veggies are cheaper as well. As long as we stayed on the outside we could save money shopping at some place other than Walmart.