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Christian D.


Yesterday morning, Friday, I woke up totally exhausted.  No idea why, but I could have spent another hour or two in bed.  I thought a little bit about this and why it might be. There are a couple of reason’s that I came up with.  But first let me explain why I was thinking about […]

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How it all began

I think I was probably 34 or 35 when I had my first physical in awhile and the doctor told me my blood pressure was to high. As with most doctors he told me I needed to get 30 minutes of aerobic activity 5 days a week. So I set about doing that.  What I […]

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Health after 40

I believe when everyone thinks of health they think of ripped bodies that are able to run for miles or can lift a ton of weights. And part of my view of health is like that but as I’ve struggled to get healthier, in my opinion, I realize it’s a lot more. Not only do […]

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Facebook is stalking me!

Around the first of the year I decided that I wasn’t going to spend as much time on Facebook.  I just wasn’t finding any value in it.  I didn’t kill my account but I told myself I was only going to check in once a week.  And to date that has been the case.  Once […]

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While I consider myself a good worker, I struggle with work.  Odd you may think, but let me explain. It was about 2000 when I first remember the drive to create something great on the internet.  I don’t know if, at that time, it was so that I could try and be a bazillionaire or […]

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Writing 2018

I’d like to think that in 2017 I’ve done a fair amount of writing. Most of it’s just journalling, but it’s writing none the less. As we head into 2018 I want to write even more! So I hope as we head into this new year that I’ll be writing more here. I’m not really […]

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Trail running – July 2017

Two days later I’m still sore from a almost 7 mile trail run at Curt Gowdy. My feet hurt. My lower legs hurt when I go down the stairs but not going up! It was not my intent to do 7 miles but my communication with the guy I was running with was apparently not […]

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