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Being sick and having a toddler

Time must be catching up to me or something.  For the second time in a little over a month I’m sick.  Up until recently I could go a year or more without being sick.  However that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.  The first time was over Christmas and luckily my parents where here to take care of our son while myself and my wife were sick.  However this last week my wife was sick and I made it through, until the last couple of days.  I’ve been fighting a cold that’s got my nose running and a slight headache.  Occasionally I’ll have some body aches, but not to much…yet.

But it does bring up and interesting point for new parents that you probably don’t think about.  There is no rest when you are a new parent.  Especially if you are the stay at home parent (if you can), like my wife.  As someone who has never had a child you’re probably thinking “how could you take care of a toddler when your sick”.  There’s no secret formula.  You just muster on and get it done.  It’s probably not the best parenting, but you made it through.  If your the parent that goes and works then work is actually less work than staying at home.  At least that has been my observation!

So for any new parents out there, just a heads up that you’ll have to deal with this.  If your lucky you may have some family to take care of your little on while you recover, we don’t.  Despite this