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Being sick and running (or not!)

I’ve been on my journey to run 4 days a week longer than I care to admit. However things, the last two weeks, have gotten in the way. The first week it was our youngest son getting up in the middle of the night a couple of times. This last week I came down with some sort of cold and have been out of commission since.

Even though I’m still fighting the cold I am bound and determined to get a run, or perhaps a walk, in tomorrow morning. The shoes are out the clothes are in the bathroom ready to be put on. And I will get 4 days of exercise this week!

For the year of 2016 I have 3 goals that I’d like to accomplish. One of them will be pretty easy to reach and the other two I’m not sure about.

  • Run half marathon (easy)
  • Run 500 miles for the year ( probably easy with consistent training)
  • Run a sub 20 minute 5K ( hard and not sure if I will get it this year )

So that’s what I’m shooting for this year (and of course running 4 days a week..or 5!)