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Bring on the snow

Snowed in neighborhood! @wilfuen on instagram

“I wish we’d get some snow like they got in Buffalo last week,” I said to my wife.
“Wouldn’t that be great.  You could stay home and work from home.”

Call us crazy, but we really would love to get a large dump of snow like that of Buffalo.  However in southeast Wyoming I really doubt that it’s going to happen. We are at the top of a plateau (almost 6100 feet!) and there’s not really any large bodies of water around us.  However we have had a few large dumps of snow in our 7 years here, but it usually blows away!

Large snow falls like that of Buffalo reminds us of growing up in northwest Montana where we frequently got large dumps of snow…and it wouldn’t blow away!!! I can remember staying on a ski mountain for a weekend where it would snow all weekend long and we’d ski all weekend long.  It was great.  Good memories.

Having said that if you aren’t prepared for snow it can be pretty miserable and I don’t wish that upon anyone.