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Business Idea: Improve the sales process

Not a week goes by that I don’t get at least 3 to 5 sales call of some sort.  Most of the time it’s something related to hardware, but other times it’s software.  And most of the time I end up hanging up on them as I’m not interested and I don’t have the money (which I really shouldn’t do I know!).  Obviously sales person X doesn’t know about sales person Y, but it’s just ridiculous the number of sales calls I get.  At least I feel that way.  A lot of these sales calls I’ve inherited, I think, from the previous two systems administrators/directors of IT. Regardless it’s got me thinking a bit about the sales cycle.  It’s got to be hard being a sales person. Whether they are calling me or not.  There has to be a better way in this day in age. The person that comes up with a better way for a sales person to get leads and a way for a director of IT to vet those calls/services will be a very rich person…I think!

Some random ideas I’ve thought about (these are just random thoughts and are not complete by any stretch).  What if there was a website where buyers could sign up.  They could put in what they have currently (hardware, software, office equipment etc), what types of products they are interested in buying in the next 12 months.  Sales people could then search through there for potential leads. The buyers could, would be encouraged, to put up a ‘bid’ when they are looking for something new.  As sales calls come into the buyer they can direct the sales person to this website and find out what the buyer is interested in.  I know this sounds like a social network, and I suppose it is to some extent.  If I were creating something like this I’d make sure that both parties were vested in some aspect. The buyer could not just send the sales people there and never check it. Sales people could not just start pitching to these people without any shown interest.  My hope would be that this would take out the cold calling aspect of the sales person. Calls would only happen if both parties are interested in proceeding forward.

Just an idea.  Perhaps there’s already something out there like this that I’m not aware of.  If there is leave a comment so I can check it out!