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Buying a house? Get your sewer pipe video taped!

Back last September or October, before we’d lived in our current house a year, one evening we found a bunch of sewage in our downstairs area.  We cleaned it up and called in a plumber to have it snaked (ie: clear all the roots and other stuff out of it).  However they could only get the snake to go so far.  So we got it video taped.  What they found is that one of the clay pipes had slipped.  How long it had been there we don’t know.  We don’t know if the previous home owners had known about it either.  Thankfully it was winter and we didn’t have to worry about roots kicking in.

Fast forward to the beginning of May and we have a back up once again…while my in-laws were here.  It was time to do something. So another snake and video tape and we know where the slippage is and we have a lead on someone who can fix it.

At the end of the last week it was all done.  We only did a patch job on the sewer pipe.  And we had been saving like crazy since the first incident, so while it was sort of unexpected and we didn’t like using the money we knew it had to be done.

As my wife was talking to the plumber, when they did another snake and video, they said that they’ve been encouraging new homeowners to get this done because it can be a HUGE expense especially right after buying a house.

So I’m here to pass this onto you.  Get a video camera done of your sewer pipe or at least get a years worth of insurance (not sure exactly what this is called but it’s something you can get added onto your loan for a fairly small amount…$500, BUT, make sure that it covers sewer pipes!).  I would especially say this if you are buying and older house.