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Yesterday morning, Friday, I woke up totally exhausted.  No idea why, but I could have spent another hour or two in bed.  I thought a little bit about this and why it might be. There are a couple of reason’s that I came up with.  But first let me explain why I was thinking about […]

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How it all began

I think I was probably 34 or 35 when I had my first physical in awhile and the doctor told me my blood pressure was to high. As with most doctors he told me I needed to get 30 minutes of aerobic activity 5 days a week. So I set about doing that.  What I […]

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Health after 40

I believe when everyone thinks of health they think of ripped bodies that are able to run for miles or can lift a ton of weights. And part of my view of health is like that but as I’ve struggled to get healthier, in my opinion, I realize it’s a lot more. Not only do […]

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