Welcome to Wyoming, it can get cold here!

WinterThis last week, for us in Wyoming and many other places, has been some of the coldest weather we’ve experienced in quite awhile.  And while I’m usually not one to gripe about weather this time of year I do have to say it was colder than I like.  But despite locking my keys in my car on the first day of the cold spell it was rather nice to get into a car that was parked in a garage over night. That was really nice. I saw my fair share of people posting about cold weather and some parents who wanted to keep their kids in during this time.  Which got me to thinking a bit about my childhood.

I specifically remember school being cancelled one day because of snow and cold.  It was cold enough that it shut down the ski resort and that place never shut down (this was in north west Montana).  So what did we do?  We spent it outside!  We lived next to an area called a slough that we could sled down into.  It was more like 5 seconds of straight down through weeds that had grown up during the summer.  Sometimes we hit stumps from trees beavers had chopped down, but after awhile we figured out where these were and avoided them.  It was great. When we got cold or hungry we would make our way to the house and eat something and get a hot chocolate and be on our way again.  Odd that I remember this day, but it is one that I remember due to everything else being shut down.

I wonder now how cold it was on that day. Was it as cold as we’ve had these last couple of days?  I don’t know, probably never will know.  But I wonder because a few parents have said “oh skin will freeze in X minutes”.  Granted we have wind here and not where I grew up as a kid.  But regardless I wonder if the ‘lack of information’ back in that day made us less likely to stay in and now because we have all of this information available to us (shoved at us?) we stay in because it says it’s to cold.  I don’t know.  And parents have the right to keep their kids in, if they think it’s to cold.  I can tell you this however.  If my boy was old enough and I wasn’t stuck at work I would have been out on the hill sledding with him.  It may not have lasted long, but we would have been out there.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on winter and if you believe more information keeps us from doing things that we may have done in the past!

Have a great week.

There are paved roads in Montana and Wyoming!

This is a photo my dad, Dennis Dorr took.  If you'd like a copy you can get in touch with him at: Digitalmontana Photography

This is a photo my dad, Dennis Dorr took. If you’d like a copy you can get in touch with him at: digitalmontanaphoto@gmail.com at 16×20 is $85

One would think that the perception of Montana and Wyoming having no paved roads in this day and age would be a dying one but it still continues.  Earlier this year I was talking to a customer about a web site redesign and they said some of the people who viewed their website think we have dirt roads and ride horses to work.  While we have lonely roads that go for miles and you may not see another car for hours, we do have paved roads. We drive gas guzzling vehicles (more than I care to admit) instead of riding horses to and from our work out on the range (another wrong perception)

I remember when I first encountered this notion of no paved roads.  I had just moved from Montana to Iowa and was working with some people who only knew Iowa and Illinois.  One particular person I worked with, honestly thought we rode our horses to work and had dirt roads.  I kind of laughed it off but it came up a second time and I realized he wasn’t kidding. I don’t think this guy has stepped outside of Iowa and Illinois, so he probably still thinks we ride horses and have our wagon carriages for shuffling the kids to and from school. His loss I guess.

While at times it’s annoying it’s also rather funny and something we have to laugh off because this is the perception.  I don’t want the big city with the smog and the traffic and the crime.  So if people think we have dirt roads and ride our horse to and from work I’m fine with it.  It means more space for me to enjoy!