Fit at 40?

A few years back I had my annual Dr appointment and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Probably a lot to do with my job at the time but that job is gone and the high blood pressure is still there. 
Per the Drs recommendation I started running. I got up to running 4 days a week and while the blood pressure came down a bit it was never consistent. A lot of it is heredity. It runs in my family. 

I feel like much of the issue with my high blood pressure has to do with carrying around extra weight. Despite all the running I did my weight varied very little. Currently I’m sitting at 223.5 which is a bit over the low I had while running which was 215.

Somewhere this fall my motivation for running went away. I believe that was a combination of turning 39 and going thru a mini bout of depression and realizing that the running was not accomplishing what I needed it to accomplish. 

So here I am at the end of the year trying to figure out where I need to go to lose some weight and hopefully get my blood pressure down and be healthy for my family. I’d like to get this all done before I turn 40.

My hope is that by posting here it will motivate me, and perhaps others who stop by, to get to where I need to be. This is going to be a fluid goal so nothing g hard and fast. The main goal is to lose weight and get my blood pressure down.

Journey to sub 20 minute 5k: Sharin’ The Green

Today was the first 5K race of the year for me. Over the last couple of months I’ve been pretty consistent in my running. For days a week, sometimes three, a day of speed ( last 6 weeks ) and a long run on the weekend (peak of 7 miles ). I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this race but I had to find out.

The website said it was fairly flat and fast. Flat is up for some discussion but looking at the over all profile it may have been. This was the first chipped race I had been in and the largest as of lately. After a fair amount of warm up and walking it was s tarting time. I did get a starting spot near the front, right behind the ‘fast runners’. Not long after the start I found myself being passed by a lot of people. My pace was not slow but apparently I had started to far forward.. or it was the uphill at the start! I covered the first mile in 8:18. A few turns later and we were at mile 2 where I think my watch said something like 16:45 (8:27). At this point I was passed by a couple of girls who couldn’t have been any older than 12. What slap in the face. The last mile or so was total pain and misery. At one point I considered walking but didn’t. I ended up crossing the line in 26:14 which is 24 seconds slower than my PR. A good effort for the first race of the year but kind of disappointing with all the work that had been put in. But we are going to take it and improve upon it.

Improvement in my opinion is going to come in the form of losing some weight and more running. I think that running will be a variety of types but probably more speed in one form or another. More on both of those to come!