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Cause and Effect

Our boy hasn’t quite figured out cause and effect as much as it drives his mom and I up the wall sometimes.  And that’s fine.  But I think we as a society have forgotten about cause and effect or at least pushed it so far out of our minds that the only thing that’s going to bring us back is something disastrous.

For the last couple of years I’ve wondered what the effect would be if a small town were to swear off of car’s.  Instead we walked to work.  Or we rode a bike to work or we took alternative transportation or even just carpooled (have you looked at the number of vehicles that have 1 person in them?  It’s staggering).  If that happened for a full month or even a week.  I’m not just talking about ride your bike to work day, I’m talking about every day and so that it was noticeable enough that you’d wonder what all the bikes were on the street or why there weren’t more car’s on the road.

Something to ponder…perhaps something to try and make happen.