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Chris Kyle – American Sniper or American Liar?

American Sniper opened at movie theaters this last weekend.  I just finished reading/listening to the audiobook from Audible as well.  I thought the book was great and it is a fascinating story.  I can’t say it’s any better than some of the other books I’ve read in regards to special forces and the war going on in the middle east, but it has caught everyone’s attention because of the movie.  The book is an interesting read if you are interested in his life and how he saw things during his deployments.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this article last week in regards to Chris Kyle and his lying or fibbing or however you want to call it.

When I initially read the article I had a little bit left to read on the book, so I was looking forward to hearing about the carjacking situation and the situation with Jesse Ventura.  They were never there. So apparently Audible had an abridged version of the book (or perhaps they had to take some stuff out because of the lawsuit).  Initially I felt let down with the whole situation.  Kind of felt like he was a fraud.  However I got to thinking a bit more about it.

As near as I know, which isn’t much, he never lied about his service over seas.  What has been questioned is what happened after he got out of the service.  Right or wrong, you can determine that yourself, but here’s what I think happened ( these are my own opinions on the situation ).  I suspect when a lot of these special forces guys, perhaps even regular military who have served over there, there is a let down going back into normal life.  Your just…you.  You’re not dodging bullets or shooting bad guys.  I suspect this may have been the case with Chris and in order to make himself feel better and perhaps to have something to tell his future clients he lied about this. Some of them were over the top (shooting people for looting in Katrina?  Really?), but others may have sounded plausible.  Your opinions may vary but this is the conclusion I came to.  I suppose I think somewhat less of him for those lies, but overall I’m glad he was on our side and did what he did.

Can’t wait to see the movie.