in Church

Church and men

“So where is her husband?” I asked my wife.
“Oh he doesn’t come to church,” She said.

On more than one occasion, in the last year, I’ve heard those words in regards to wives and husbands.  Wife attends church, husband does not.

I haven’t quite figured out why it is this way.  Church, in my mind, is something you do as a family and even as screwed up as families can be now days, it’s still something the husbands should be there doing.  I’m sure they all have really good excuses for why they are not there, but I can’t figure it out. So here’s a few reason’s I thought of why they couldn’t be there.

  • Busted their ass all week working to bring home the money for the family (I’m there with you, but it’s an hour of your life…okay maybe and hour and a half at most! Your probably spend more time on the toilet!)
  • Might miss part of the football game (DVR it…it will be there when you get home)
  • Need to check their eyelids for holes in them
  • Just need a break from the kids (totally understand this, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…in most churches the kids are not with you. Some, I’ve heard, even encourage you to not have your kids in the sanctuary)
  • Bad memories of church for one reason or another (I can get this.  Don’t understand it, but I get it. That’s something God could help you with…really! )

Some of these are valid reason’s and other’s are tongue in cheek.  Bottom line is you should be in church with your family. I’ll admit there are times where what is being taught and my listening are not in coordination.  Just goes in one ear and out the other.  Doesn’t happen as often now that I’m grown up and preaching has changed (or maybe I’ve changed).  Also you need to set an example as the head of your family.  Whether you like it or not your children will look up to you and wonder where you are on those Sunday mornings.

Hope to see more husbands/fathers/head of households in the church.