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Colds are now a family affair

I’ve been absent the last week, maybe a bit longer, but it’s valid!  A few weeks ago my kid caught a cold.  Runny nose, cough, just not feeling good.  He picked up from a couple of kids that he stayed with.  Well at the start of last week, I started feeling allergy symptoms.  By Friday it was so much more than allergies and by Monday I had called into work and went to the emergency care clinic.  They said it was just a cold and I was $88 dollars poorer!

One of the things you may, or may not, think about in becoming a parent is the gunk that your child will carry with them.  They’ve got a much weaker immune system and try their darndest to fight it off, but sometimes they just can’t.  In rare cases, such as last week, they will pass it onto you.  And your wife two.  Which sucks but you find away to get through it and you move forward.

So that’s where I am.  I’m 90% over it and am moving forward.  I’ll probably be a bit low on PyroCMS posts this week, but we’ll see.