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Could it be the car battery?

For a new family of four, we were actually on time getting into the car to go to church. Each boy was in his respective seat and I was in the driver’s position.

I turned the key to start our journey, but the engine didn’t turn over.  Lights came on, radio turned on and the navigation system came on, but not the most important one. The engine!  Turned the key again. Same result.

What the heck I ask myself as I pop the hood, not knowing what I’d find, but figured it couldn’t hurt.  I tried the key a few more times with the same response.

“No church this morning,” I tell everyone and we bring the kids back into the house.

“So what are we going to do?” My wife asks.

“Not really sure.  Test the battery maybe.  But the lights and radio come on so I don’t think it’s the battery.”

Over the next hour I call my dad and my father in law who have more experience with car’s than I do.  Both say it has to do with the battery.  So I take the battery out, drive down to O’Reilly and have them test it.  It’s bad according to their tester.  I get a new one and install it.

Same thing.  No engine turn over.

At this point it is time for our after church lunch with friends. All are aware of the situation from social media and after a couple of the men try to ask me questions about things in the car I admit to them I don’t have a clue.  However the conclusion after all of this is that the starter could be out.  We get the name of a mechanic who is honest and would give us a good deal.

When we arrive home I look up how much a starter is for our make and model.  In the article I find there’s a little something that says a misdiagnosis could be related to a key.

My key over the last year, or longer, had been acting up so on a whim I got my wife’s key and try to start the car.  The car starts right up.  I just about bust a gut laughing about it, but both of us are pleased that we know what’s going on.

Conclusion is that key’s now days do more than just start a car apparently.  The battery in the key sends some sort of signal to the car and with the battery being dead it didn’t do anything.