Yesterday morning, Friday, I woke up totally exhausted.  No idea why, but I could have spent another hour or two in bed.  I thought a little bit about this and why it might be. There are a couple of reason’s that I came up with.  But first let me explain why I was thinking about it.  Whenever I start to exercise, strive for better health, I reach this point, usually a little after the two week mark, where my body is just tired and I have no desire to go exercise (usually early morning runs) or to eat healthy.  It’s almost like clockwork and I’d like to get over this.

So for what I think might have happened.

  • Stressful situation right before I left work the previous night (Thursday night)
  • Fasted on Tuesday until lunch time – Don’t think this was the case, but it’s something I’m looking out for.
  • Ate like crap on Thursday – I’m a stress eater and due to situation number 1 above, I didn’t have exactly the best diet that night.  M&M’s and an ice cream sandwich!
  • Slept worse than I thought I did

I’m not sure which one of the above things it was, or a combination of all of them, but in an attempt to find my best health I’m going to be putting these down when I notice them.  It might just be a mental block, but it’s something that I need to figure out.