Around the first of the year I decided that I wasn’t going to spend as much time on Facebook.  I just wasn’t finding any value in it.  I didn’t kill my account but I told myself I was only going to check in once a week.  And to date that has been the case.  Once a week for maybe 15 minutes and then I’d sign out of my account again.

Somewhere along the line I gave Facebook my phone number.  I don’t remember if this was on purpose of if it was voluntary.  I suspect I had to for something. But this has turned into something bad.  About once a day now, for some reason, Facebook sends me a text that reminds me of something someone has posted on Facebook.  It’s as if I’ve reached some point where I don’t visit Facebook enough so they are trying to entice me with text messages.  So far I haven’t given in to these messages.  But what it will do is make me kill my account.

Just something to note.  While I don’t find much use with Facebook I do find other uses for social media.  Specifically with Twitter I find much more value out of it.  Weird since the people I follow on Twitter are not people I know.  More than anything I’m following “experts” in the fields that I enjoy following! Just an interesting observation.