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Facebook Stock Options Part 2

So I sold all of my Facebook stock (you can read my initial post here) and am moving onto something else.  I sold all of my stock on the day after they announced earnings (earnings was announced after hours). The stock dropped and appeared to be tanking so I sold as quickly as I could.  In hindsight I should have held on a bit longer and let everyone else sell and let the stock head back up a bit and sold then.  I ended up making about $1 a share. So not a ton of money, like I wanted, but I’m glad that I did sell because I’d be sitting with less of a profit now (it’s below where I sold it at).

I’m still tracking the June options on Facebook, per my previous post, so I’ll be curious to see where they end up at come June.  I’m one of these people that will follow their previous investments for awhile and I’ve just told myself I can’t do that.  It’s a distraction that I don’t need.  I’ve got to move on. So I’ve done that and bought some other stuff already, trying to make my 10% for the year.  I’ll detail that a little more when I get a better idea of what I’m going to be implementing on.

For now I continue to refine what and how I’m going to invest.  I don’t intend to hit a home run every time, but I would like to make a 10% profit year after year (that should add up…I think!).

Hope your year of investing is going well.