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Fatherhood and Fitness

I think most of us would be lying if we didn’t want to be more fit for our kids, for our wives and for our health. But as a father, or the primary bread winner, it’s hard to be fit.  Or so I’m finding out.

Now a big part of this is that I have a hard time with self control and food.  When I get stressed, and there’s plenty of that to go around, I eat.  And it’s not good things. Additionally a wife who is half way through a pregnancy doesn’t help either.  He cravings are all over the place and I want to be supportive so I’m right there with her, most of the time, eating what she eats.  So it’s been a bit hard to drop a few pounds that I know I need to drop (lets just say it’s about 35lbs really!).

So right now I’m really trying my hardest to not eat to much at one sitting and I’m trying to get some exercise.  That’s a combination of weights and running, for the time being.  Since the gym I have been going to (ie: cheap!) was just purchased by Golds Gym, I suspect that I’m headed back to at home workouts. Which is fine….but when I get home the boy wants to play, so that makes it a bit hard.  Hopefully I can at least get to the point where I am able to do some running and then some body weight stuff.

Additionally I’m hoping by putting my weight out here in the open, it will motivate me to do better.

So as of 5/28/2014 I weighed in at 237.6 lbs!  Gulp.  I was around the 225 to 220 range last year. So that’s what I’m shooting for now.

Any other fathers fighting the bulge? Or just need extra motivation?