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Finally a tablet owner!

You could say I’ve been behind the times.  I suppose it’s true, but no longer can you say that.  I have finally entered the tablet generation.

I managed to save enough shekels to purchase the new Google Nexus 7 2nd Generation.  I went back and forth between the Nexus and the new Amazon Kindle HDX and I was really close to holding out for the HDX.  But I didn’t.  My main reason for not waiting on the HDX, and this may sound silly depending on where Google goes, is that I didn’t want to be locked into a watered down version of Android.  I’ve already got a phone that’s kind of crappy, due to in my opinion, Verizon’s extra stuff.  I could root it, I suppose, but I haven’t.

So I’ve had the Nexus for about a week now. As much as I’d like to say it’s done something out of this world it hasn’t.  It basically confirmed what I thought about tablets since the beginning.  In most cases they are entertainment devices.  And that’s basically what I’ve done with it.  It’s not going to replace a laptop or a desktop unless I go to some big extremes.  But it has allowed me to play some games I wouldn’t have played other wise.  So games, Facebook, Fantasy Football App and various other things, but nothing that’s just made me want to scream and shout “Everyone must get a tablet. They are the awesomest!”  Now my view may change on that, but for now…I could do with out.

What’s been your thoughts on tablets?