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Getting old sucks

Really I’m not that old, only 37, but after this year I feel like I’m just mere steps away from a wheelchair.  Okay that’s a bit of over exaggeration but it has served for a wake up call.

I kind of knew it was coming as I had not been as diligent about my workouts as I had been in previous years and my eating was really see it and eat it.  In return my weight has crept up higher and higher.  It’s at the point where I’m always at the border line of my highest weight.

And the weight, I believe, is the key to it all.  If I can get that down to something reasonable I think it will take care of the other couple of problems I’ve had.  Perhaps not.

Having said that my foot is giving me a hell of a time and not being able to workout is not helping in the weight area.  I think I’ve got a bout of plantar fasciitis and it’s been hell trying to get rid of it.  I’ve not been running in what seems like months and when I have tried to run I’m in pain the next day.  I do think I’ve found a stretch that has been helping me, but I won’t know until I tackle the treadmill again.  I’m a bit apprehensive to take it full on, but I figure a brisk walk for 15 minutes should tell me.

Having said that if I can get the foot going my goal is to get under 230, currently 235ish, before the end of the year.  Sounds like a small goal, and it is, but with the holiday’s it’s bound to be a challenge.

I really don’t like the idea of feeling old at this stage in my life so I’m out to change that. To feel young again. To be able to run and lift weights and not have my foot bother me. And not worry about my blood pressure when I go into the doctor’s office next year.

Hopefully your fitness is better than mine and you aren’t feeling old.  If so how do I get it back?