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Going Primal: Week 1

I had this vision of posting up a blog every few days to update our progress on going primal.  Obviously that didn’t happen.  However I’ve got a few minutes to share a few things.

About half way through week one I started waking up really energized.  It took me about 2 to 3 minutes to clear the cob webs out of my head but after that I felt like I was on my game.

A couple of times in the morning I was really hungry but most of the time I don’t experience any hunger sensations.  We are still pretty much eating three meals a day, but they vary in size quite a bit. Sometime’s it a small bowl of soup and other times it’s a mega salad.

One thing I have noticed is that I am tired at certain times.  It comes and goes.  I’ve got plenty of fat, so this is something I plan on researching.  Why do I get tired at certain times and not others.

We are still eliminating ‘bad’ stuff from our diet.  Last night we had ‘splurge’ and paid for it.  It’s amazing how quickly the body adapted.  We are back on primal today!

I’ll be very curious to see results when we weigh in a couple of weeks down the road.

Have a great week all.