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Good Bye Verizon…hello Straight Talk

We’ve been talking about it for awhile now, but we finally made the switch this week.  Bye bye Verizon and hello Straight Talk.  A few random thoughts on this process.

One of my concerns was the cost of the phones.  With a Verizon, or another type of provider, they lure you in with cheap phones and keep you that way.  Buying a new smart phone in this day and age can be expensive. And the phones that Straight Talk offered that were in our price range were no-names and something that just wasn’t 100% sure on.  In walked to Motorola Moto E.  I just happened to bounce over to this week and see their article on it and knew it was what I wanted. Bought one for me to make sure it worked and it did.  Then bought another for my wife.  Cancelled Verizon and we are off.  In the end saving ourselves $40 to $50 a month!

Setup on Straight Talk is pretty easy.  When you bring your own phone there is a trick on the setup however.  You don’t enter the IMEI (think that’s what it’s called), you enter the code from the SIM card that you used.  If you do that you’ll be good.

Switching over a phone number from Verizon is pretty easy if you have all of your Verizon information.  Do that before hand and your phone number will port over in a couple of hours.

I highly recommend the Motorola Moto E (just released in May of 2014).  It’s not a big giant screen, but it keeps a pretty good charge, you don’t have Verizon’s crap running in the background, you can choose what you put on the phone and what you don’t.