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Growing up Montana: The Slough

Digital Montana Photography -Noise Suppression: Early Morning Snow

The above photo is taken about 25 yards away from where I grew up.  This slough, or backwater, provided endless amounts of fun in the winter time.  It wasn’t as accessible in the spring and summer, but the winter was the best.

The winter provided us with a chance to go sledding down a hill that was pretty steep.  And when we got a fresh amount of snow, and school was cancelled, that’s where we’d be.  The only major injury, that I’m aware of, is my little brother’s knee getting banged up.  Other than that sledding down this hill was a blast. Short and fast!  Not sure I’d let my kids go down it, but hey we did it so maybe one day they will get that opportunity.

Once the back waters froze we’d walk from our house down to a local park that is at one end.  We’d see deer foot prints and human foot prints that sometimes would freak us out a little bit, but we were usually armed…with BB guns!  There was the two of us and a neighbor friend that would make these treks and adventure.