I believe when everyone thinks of health they think of ripped bodies that are able to run for miles or can lift a ton of weights. And part of my view of health is like that but as I’ve struggled to get healthier, in my opinion, I realize it’s a lot more. Not only do I think there’s a physical aspect to it but there’s a mental aspect to it and there’s a nutrition aspect to it. I believe that those three things need to work together to achieve health.

Back in the day I had a blog tracking my weight lifting progress and other things. A journal. My hope is that despite all that is going on I’ll be able to put down notes here on my journey and hopefully get feedback in due time. Right now I have little accountability and I’m hoping that by ‘reporting’ here I will gain some accountability. Additionally I hope that I will be able to pick up some patterns to help things go smoother. I feel as if I’ve been drowning in all this health information and I just keep spinning in circles going nowhere. I’m ready to go somewhere.

So what will I define as health or moving the bar in the right direction? Losing weight is the easy one to pick and I hope that will drop but I have something else I want to try and track. That is the waist to height ratio. Basically lose inches around the waist until we are at half of our height. I believe that right now I’m near a 40″ waist vs my height of 71″. That works out to: .56 (I will get more specific later this week). So I have a ways to go. From what I’ve read this ratio is a good indicator of health and your risk. Along the way I suspect I will come up with other goals to add to the list. Hopefully not getting to many of them!

So here we go!