I think I was probably 34 or 35 when I had my first physical in awhile and the doctor told me my blood pressure was to high. As with most doctors he told me I needed to get 30 minutes of aerobic activity 5 days a week. So I set about doing that.  What I found out was that I have white coat syndrome, for whatever reason, and my blood pressure spikes. So I started tracking it at home. It was better there. I did however try to get in the prescribed aerobic activity. This might have brought my blood pressure down a little bit but I know it did not help me lose weight which is what I had really started chasing after.

I’ve learned a lot along the way, but as I mentioned in the previous post, I feel like I’m spinning in circles with all the information out there. Here is my current mode of thinking about this.

  • What and how we eat is most important for blood pressure and weight control.
  • I enjoy running and will continue to do it but it is probably more important to get some sort of weight training and HIIT in. I will begin to work that in after my upcoming trail race.
  • There is a mental aspect to this that I believe I’m pretty weak on and I want to put some focus on this to try and bring some balance to the three aspects of health.

It’s not always easy to do all of this stuff with a family. Especially the eating part but I’m trying my hardest to figure it out.

I’m trying to keep it simple otherwise I find myself getting bogged down in the details.