in General

I want to be proud of this country

Yesterday was the women’s march/protest across the nation. And I was proud of it. However as I got to thinking about it I started to wonder if these protests were against Trump and all he’s done (or said) or were they because Hillary lost. I suppose both of those are the same and I’m not expressing them correctly but if in fact those protests were for either one of those reasons and not something grander I feel like they were a waste of time.

I do not agree with Trump and I did not agree with Hillary. I voted third party and would have voted no confidence if it was an option on the ballot. Regardless of my vote Trump was elected and we have him as president the next 4 years. And I feel like the general consensus is that we already know how things are going to go and what he is going to do and the man has only been in office for a couple of days. I know if I was already judged for a job I hadn’t done it would be a hard trek.

If this is what it takes to get this nation to agree on something and get us moving in a direction we can all agree on then I’m for that movement. However my heart tells me that in four years time the fires will have burned down and we will find ourselves right back here again. Perhaps on the other side but here again wondering how something like this could happen.