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I’m afraid

This is the final day of 10 Days to a Better Blog

Since I posted yesterdays post I’ve been thinking about this last post in this series.  I’m not sure why but I have been.

Any how the assignment is to just reflect on the last 10 days.  I was thinking about doing a post on something else, just to post.  And as soon as I’d committed to do nothing I was afraid.  I was afraid because I know if I don’t post, it will be so easy for me to slip back into not posting.  I realize there are going to be days I don’t post.  But I feel like in these 10 days I’ve worked for something I don’t want to end.  It’s got me into posting each day.

But now that the ‘carrot’ is gone I’m not sure I have anything to post about. Should I post about technology and those posts that were most popular last year?  I’m not sure.  I think part of the ‘lack’ of ideas for posting is trying to write for an audience, there’s a few of you (hi!), when really I should just be writing for myself.  The technical posts that were so popular last year take awhile to think about and put out.  That isn’t writing for me, which is really what I should be doing.

Alright I’m rambling a bit here so I’m going to sign off!