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In search of health

For the last couple of years, on and off, I’ve been looking for ways to lose weight and lower my blood pressure.  The start of that was to start exercising more as I was not exercising for awhile.  Additionally that lead to “I should eat less so I’ll lose weight” (which I think is probably the biggest cause of my problems).  But as much as I tried it didn’t work.  Or it didn’t work that well.

If we fast forward to March of this year I was once again on my quest for health.  I’d been running more than ever but my weight would not budge.  And on a couple of weeks it went up.  How could it be?

So we did ketogenic for awhile.  It helped some weight come off, but my wife didn’t like that style of eating.  I did some more research and headed down the rabbit hole pulling a string here and a string there.  Where we ended up at was intermittent fasting.  Or Eat Stop Eat.

We’ve been doing a fast twice a week.  I’ve hit 24 hours a couple of times, but haven’t been consistent about it.  And you know what? Weight is coming off!!  More than anything I think it’s gotten the insulin back in control which I believe is the key to most things related to weight these days.

I hope to be a bit better about sharing on here but just wanted to start somewhere!