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Installing Vagrant on Windows – Stalling on HyperV message

I finally got Vagrant working on my work computer, which in turn will hopefully make my development life a lot easier. At a minimum it should remove my need for having a separate development Ubuntu machine! However it wasn’t without it’s hurdles.

Every time I tried to do ‘vagrant up’ it kept stalling on a message about installing HyperV, which was not what I was trying to bring up.  I was trying to bring up a Ubuntu machine.  I did get it solved and here’s how I did it.

  • Uninstall Vagrant
  • ReInstall Vagrant
  • In a CMD prompt (probably best to run this as administrator) I ran ‘vagrant box add precise64
  • Run ‘vagrant init precise 64
  • Run ‘vagrant up

That should get your machine up and running.  Except for the first two steps, it’s all done in a CMD/DOS Prompt.  In order to do the ‘vagrant ssh‘ step that many guides have you’ll need to do that from a Git Bash prompt.

Here’s a few links that I found rather helpful in this process:

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