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Making changes

My intent is not to write every day, but I do seem to have the time so here is my third post!

I’m not exactly sure where or when I started following John Saddington at, I think it was because of a post on 37 Signals, but I’m probably mistaken.  Any how he’s someone that I’ve watched for awhile now (I’d probably go so far as to say admire) and today he put up a post called “Think Insanity” and I clicked on it.  It wasn’t what I expected given the title, but none the less it was inspiring.  I really could cut and paste the whole thing in here as it really hit home for me.  Here’s one thought he had kind of sums up the whole post.

Don’t fool yourself in believing that “it” will just happen (whatever “it’ is) – you must make a volitional decision to make. it. happen.

If you have plans for 2013, like I do, I hope that you will make some changes to make the ‘it’ happen!