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Movie Review and thought: The Watch

This past weekend my wife and I were in need of a movie to watch so I jumped on the site and saw what was available.  It basically came down to The Watch and The Bourne Legacy.  As I had chosen the last few movies we’ve watched I let my wife pick and she picked The Watch.

The Watch stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and one of the guys from The IT Crowd (if you haven’t see this series and are in the tech field you are missing out!).  Although I hesitate to say they ‘starred’ because by the end of this I was thinking WTF?  Seriously.  But before I get to my further thoughts let me give you a quick idea of what this movie is about.

Stiller is a guy who does everything.  He’s the manager of a Costco, sits on the city board, has a running club etc etc.  One night his security guard who has just received his US Citizenship is brutally murdered.  The case remains an unsolved crime.  And then Stiller’s character gets the idea to start a neighborhood watch to try and catch this unknown killer.  Enter Vaugh and the rest of the cast.  Vaughn doesn’t go much beyond what he normally plays. As for Jonah Hill, this was his coming out party for losing all of the weight.  The acting was just okay as I’ve found with most of the Stiller movies I’ve seen.

Now for my thoughts.  This movie was originally called Neighborhood Watch I believe.  But at that time the Trevon (sp) Martin murder happened and they pulled it back and renamed it The Watch and released it at a later date.  I also wonder if they changed the way the script and re-shot the bulk of it.  Most of the previews I saw were of these guys walking down the street and looking bad ass and doing what I’d consider neighborhood watch things.  It really did look like a good movie from the previews.  And then I saw a preview that made me go hummmm (it’s a fairly large part of the movie so I won’t spoil it!).

Since from time to time I’ll be reviewing movies and books on here I feel like I should give it my rating.  I’ll do the typical 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest (I’m not a movie snob…I watch movies to be entertained as I think most people should).  For this movie I give it 4 starts out of 10.  Yeah it was that bad.  There are parts that are pretty funny, but over all at the end I kind of felt like I had wasted my time.  Not like the last Resident Evil, which is horrible by the way, but still kind of wishing I had those hours back.

4 out of 10 on The Watch