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Movie Review: Trollhunter

This movie, Trollhunter, was recommended to me by someone that I work with.  He and I enjoy movies, but he looks at movies a bit differently than I do so I was a bit skeptical, but since it was on Netflix I figured I had nothing to lose other than a couple of hours at the most (for what it’s worth my criteria for watching a movie is Entertain Me! Not to say that I don’t watch documentaries, but I want to be entertained most of the time).

So I sat down and watched Trollhunter.  I honestly figured that I’d turn it off after 20 minutes or so.  This film is in the likes of The Blair Witch project, a movie which my wife and I walked out of, but I was fairly quickly sucked into the story.  It’s the story of three college kids who are, for some reason, filming a ‘poacher’ who they think keeps killing bears.  Apparently in Norway there are few bears and fewer people allowed to hunt bears so a poacher is not very well thought of.  These three college students start to follow the supposed ‘poacher’ and find that he’s not a poacher but a trollhunter! From there they begin to follow him and get into the main story.  I’ll leave things at that!

It’s a foreign film and has sub-titles throughout the whole thing, but unlike some other sub-titled films I didn’t really notice is because the story was put together well.  It’s not an action packed film, but there is just enough to keep you wanting more.  I’d recommend watching this if you are looking for something a bit different.  I should also mention that Tremors is currently on Netflix streaming as well.  I was going to try a doubleheader but didn’t make it!