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One way to add more revenue to your website

Doubleclick for publisher

If you sell ads on your website or are looking to do that, and wish you could squeek out a little bit more revenue, you owe it to yourself to check out Doubleclick For Small Business (DFP).  There are two incredible features that will make your life easier and make you more money!

The first one saves me a ton of time (time is money right?). It is the ability to forecast your inventory.  For instance I occasionally get an RFP (request for proposal) asking how many impressions we’ll have in July of 2013 until October of 2013 in a 728×90 position.  If you don’t have DFP Small Business you’re left to come up with these figures yourself (my method usually involved a complicated Excel Spreadsheet and looking at the last months figures, figuring out what had been sold already).  Take my word for it.  It can be quite the challenge and you’ll never know how close you are to what you might have.  With DFP you just fill out your requirements and it figures out if you have the available impressions.  It takes all of 5 minutes to get the numbers you need for your RFP.  My old method took me a great deal more time.

The thing that will make you some extra money is the fact that it integrates with Google AdSense.  So if the ads you’ve sold have met their daily impression count, Google AdSense will kick in.  It’s the best of both worlds.  You get to sell your ads for a pretty penny, hopefully, and, you’ll automatically have Google AdSense kick in.  So far I haven’t found a better ad remnant program that doesn’t pay any better (most of the time you’ll be making over $1.50 CPM…some days are closer to $2).  So you’ll always have ads displaying on the site and bringing you in money.  Obviously you want to sell as many local ads as possible, but getting a little extra can add up over the year.  There is a bit of configuration you need to do, but it’s pretty easy.

Best of luck!