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Online fiction and online non-fiction

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Most of my life I’ve been a reader of fiction.  It started because the restaurant my parents owned was near the library and on our ‘breaks’ (I know…I had to work…gasp!) I’d head over there to check out some books or to just hang out.  It probably also has to do with the fact that I’m an introvert.  It’s not that I don’t read non-fiction, it’s just that to relax, or be entertained if you will, I prefer fiction.  Fast forward to the internet age and I have a really hard time finding fiction, online, to read.  Yet when you want to learn how to make money online or any thing else that I would consider non-fiction you can’t turn your head without running into it. So when the bulk of the internet is entertainment, why isn’t there good fiction to be found?

I believe a lot of it has to do with the fact that there is so much entertainment value on the internet.  You can turn on YouTube, or Netflix or any number of games and be entertained.  I suppose that one can argue, as well, that the internet got its start as an education tool (or government if you will) and continues in that tradition.  That’s not to say the internet hasn’t helped grow books (Kindle) and fiction, it’s just that you can’t find any blogs/sites that are dedicated to fiction and writing fiction.  At least I haven’t been able to.  Have you? There are some types of fiction you can find in bunches, but it falls in an area I’m not wanting to go.  I’m talking about finding a great story to read in bits and pieces over time, much like is done with non-fiction.

I’m not sure if fiction, online, will ever take off online like non-fiction or whatever the hell you want to call it, but I’m amazed that a medium like the internet hasn’t been used more for fiction.