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Plantar fasciitis solved!

One of the things I’ve been dealing with this year that has hampered my weight loss and working out has been planter fasciitis.  However I think I might be over that or at leas on my way to being over it! For those that have dealt with this you know how painful this is.  Here’s how I got over it.

First things first I just stopped running.  I felt fine running, but in the morning, after waking up, it was like I was stepping on sharp glass.  I did this round about the time my second son was born (late August) so that was a good time to do this.  I waited until late September or early October before I tried to run again.  I still had the pain.  Let me back up a second.  From late August to late September/October I was stretching it, as if it was a calf issue (think calf stretch). All the time, or any time I could get.  That helped when I was in pain sitting at my desk, but in the morning it was still pretty painful.

So I did kettlebells for awhile and only walked on the treadmill.  That was fine, but I still wanted to run (I really like lifting weights and doing kettlebells but you really have to concentrate and with running I can ‘zone out’).  Some how I ended up on the Fit For Real Life Site and I started looking through what she had to say.  The one article that really stuck out that I think helped the most was this one: What To Do When You’ve Got Pain In Your Lower Leg, Foot, Or Toes I started doing the sitting on my heals at least twice a day. At first this was super painful and I couldn’t handle it for more than 10 seconds.  Over time I was able to build up and I’m at the point now, where I don’t think it’s helping that much, but I still do it prior and after a workout!  The next one that I found that I’m not sure has helped, but I think it has, was this one for tight calves: Tight Calves: Why, How, & What To Do With Them  I don’t use a yoga mat, as I don’t have one, but I use a small kettlebell to prop my foot up against.  First time I did it I thought I was going to pop a muscle.  Next time it was 100% better.  The third time was just like the first.  So I continue to do it and I think it’s helped. Oh and walking around barefoot when I can!

In between all of the above, I’ve been stretching my hips quite a bit. Since I sit at a desk (now I stand about 50% of the time thankfully) I think this is super important.  I could do it more and I could probably do it better.

The result of all of the above is that I’m currently running 8 minutes (11 minutes walking, 8 minutes running, 11 minutes running) and feel like I could do more, but I’m taking it easy (part of the reason I think this happened was because I pushed it to fast).  Next week I’ll do 10,10,10.  Hopefully by the time spring arrives I’ll be back to where I was when I ‘quit’ running to fix this, which was a 4 mile run in about 45 minutes…or something like that.  Who knows maybe I’ll be a heck of a lot better and stronger by the time spring hits (new PR’s would be great!)!

Let me just say that I haven’t had this diagnosed as planter fasciitis, but from what I’ve read it probably is that.  Additionally I’m not a doctor and nor do I play one on TV, so please use your own best judgement.  This is just what has worked for me.