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This is day 5 of 10 Days to a Better Blog

Not that you’d be able to tell with this blog theme, but I had a crap ton of categories for the posts on here (1 or 2 categories short of 3 pages!).  So I spent the last little bit pruning out stuff I only talked about once and got rid of them and consolidated others into new categories.  I could probably do more pruning of my categories, but it’s hard.  I’m not sure if this is hard because I’m an introvert or if it’s part of my technology side and I know at some point the bazillion posts I have in one category will not be worth it.  But I did it.

While pruning the list I took a look at a few categories that had high counts in them and  I might consider writing more about (web development and technology) and perhaps some that don’t have high counts, but I’d like to move up the list.  I’m not sure, but this does help with something I discussed yesterday in regards to finding topics to write upon.  Looking back into the categories will give me a good start on future post ideas.

Happy weekend all!