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PyroCMS Module creation checklist

I’ve been working on a PyroCMS module for a project at work and I got to say at times it’s been the biggest pain in the ass, and at other times totally rewarding.  The frustration part is putting together the details.php file.  The details.php is key and it’s got some awesome features to it, but the module tutorial (here) leaves out some very important things I’ve learned.  To that end I’m hoping that this post will help me as I go forward and help other’s that might run into similar issues. If you don’t see something up here that you’ve ran into put it up…please!

  • If you are trying to get the ‘shortcuts’ to work for your module, you need to let your admin controller know what it should show.  See this forum post.  
  • Can’t get your language file to be read?  Make sure that you are loading it in your controller (this one had me stumped for a long time)


This information is current as of 3/19/2013 and pyrocms version 2.2.  Going forward this information maybe invalid.