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PyroCMS: Take some time to explore

I finally made it back into some PyroCMS development today (and a little yesterday).  Today I really got into it and got some good time into my work project.  First I must say I’m a programmer that likes to get shit done.  I know on my first go around with code it’s not going to be the prettiest, but it will be functional.

So I was working on some models in PyroCMS and I had seen some stuff that I was curious about so I went exploring.  If you go into system/cms/core there’s a MY_Model.php which is what all your models will be extending.  Long story short there’s some helpful queries that should allow you to not have to create your own (ie: get_all() etc).  Having said that, I was not able to get it working in my application.  Again I just want to get shit done (feel like I’m a bit behind the gun right now), so I moved on (gave it a couple of good tries however).  I’ll go back to it at some latter point and write a bit more about it but for me it’s a golden nugget waiting to be explored and mined.

One of the things that I’m writing needs a multi-select dropdown.  Actually a couple of them.  So I got the results I needed and created my foreach loop (I find the CodeIgniter dropdown form helper damn near useless…I’m probably missing something, but the data I want to display is NEVER in the format that the function wants, so I just do a quick loop).  Any how once I’d got my code and loaded the page I was blown away.  I’ve had my differences on some of the PyroCMS stuff (file module in particular), but this little thing made me forget everything and shoot Phil a tweet and say thanks. I’m easily amused, but it was one of those moments for me where I was like “this is great…what else can I find and will the developers come up with”.  Give it a look when you get a chance (set a <select> to a multiple)

What little nuggets have you found in PyroCMS that made you fall in love with it?

Lastly I’ll be purchasing my first professional copy of PyroCMS this week for a site we are working on.  It will be our first PyroCMS site that is released.  Once it’s released I’ll post up something about it for all to check out.

I hope to have a bit more to post about rather than just rambling, but who knows.  The weather here in the west has finally gotten nice so there’s less time in front of the puter, unless it’s work related!

Happy coding all!