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PyroCMS Theme Creation: Must create blog templates

If you are creating a new theme for PyroCMS to sell or to keep for yourself here’s something to keep in mind.  By default Pyro comes with a blog ready to use and a contact page.  The contact page will use your default template, however the blog will not. You will need to modify/create templates for the blog.  This is documented here, but I’ll cover it anyways.

  • In your theme create a modules folder inside of views and then create a blog folder.  So you end up with something that looks like this.
  • Inside of that blog folder you’ll put the four files that are required for the blog.  Those 4 files are:

I think I’ve mentioned on here in a previous post that I’ve been in and out of PyroCMS a few times.  This site first existed as a PyroCMS site.  I had a few extra dollars in my PayPal account and I found a theme that I liked so I bought it.  Got it setup and was ready to roll. But wait.  It didn’t have a blog theme.  I had to set that up.  I mucked around with it for a bit and then decided I’d be best moving this site to WordPress.  So if you are a theme developer I’d encourage you to setup a blog template.  I don’t believe most people will be buying your theme for the blog stuff, but there’s a chance.  I feel like you should cover all of your bases with what is installed by default.  Additionally don’t make your users do any extra work. Do as much work for them as possible.