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Speed up your wireless network

Wifi Analyzer Screenshots

Just sitting down to watch that new movie on Netflix and it’s on Super HD (what is that by the way?).  And it starts and then it stops.  And starts and stops.  Yeah I haven’t had that happen to me in quite sometime due to what I’m going to suggest below.

The first couple of things I always suggest are:

  • Make sure you have updated your wireless router
  • Make sure that a password is required to get on your network
  • Don’t broadcast your SSID

Most people have done two of those 3 options already, so this next one is the frosting on top.

  • Change the channel that your wireless is broadcast on.

Huh, you might be asking yourself.

Well most wireless routers default to channel 6 for broadcasting. And if everyone is coming over that channel your going to have crashes and collisions with packets.  So move the channel from 6 to another one.  You can get this app on your Android phone or tablet that will tell you what the best option is.  I think there is one for you iPhone users out there, but I don’t know what it is.

Since I made this change on our router I’ve not had Netflix or Amazon Prime ‘pause’ on us due to speed.  It’s been AWESOME.  Cause honestly it was pretty bad for awhile.

if you know of any other tips/tricks for getting more out of your wireless I’m all ears.