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Today is day 4 of 10 Days to a Better Blog.

Kind of a break day on the short course that I’m following for posting.  This may or may be the most consecutive days that I’ve posted to a blog.  I’m not 100% sure.  It is not the most consecutive days I’ve written.  Any how today’s topic is rest and reflection and being thankful.

So here’s where I’m still struggling with blogging: topics!  I feel like I really need help or work in this area.  I don’t know if this course will get to that or not, but it’s what I struggle with.  I sometimes think that I have something to say and then I sit down and I start over analyzing myself and don’t write about it.  So to not make this to long I’m going to get better at finding topics to write on and just writing.

On the topic of being thankful I have to say my family.  My wife received news earlier this week that someone she knew from one of her organizations had passed away unexpectedly.  It’s a very sad situation, but it also causes you to think a lot about death and life.  At least it has for me and I’ve got to say I’m so happy and thankful that I have my family.

Lastly I think we should all be thankful for being able to write and share our ideas.  I’m reminded of the terrorists attacks in Paris that ended people’s lives because they were sharing what they drew or wrote.  In this day and age we have so many more ways for our ideas to get out.

I’m rambling and haven’t really said much so I’m going to turn it off here.