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The evil that is ISIS

Thoughts about ISIS have been bouncing around in the back of my mind for a few months.  Probably since late summer of 2014.  It was once again brought to the forefront with the recent news about the American hostage that was killed this week (or last).

As a Christian I ask myself how God can allow such an evil in this world.  Beheading, burning people alive and other acts we probably can’t imagine.  My first thought is lets nuke them to the ground.  Send everything we have and put them into the ground so we never hear from them again.  But then I have to back track and realize that God has a plan.  It’s not on our timetable but on his time table.  It is hard to see evil in this world, and this being one of the worst that I’ve seen in my life time, but there is.  Despite that God does have a plan and he knows what he’s doing.

Words seem to be coming hard this week, for what reason I’m not sure, but they are.  I hope to have some fiction tomorrow.