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The Flash – Fiction

Fiction Friday – Friday is dedicated to writing some piece of fiction!  It may or may not be a continuing story.  Most likely not. 

It was unusual in the fall to get calm weather.  That is the wind wasn’t blowing.  It was still cloudy and looking like it might rain but so far nothing had come.  The temperature was warm enough that Brett was able to wear short sleeves despite being on the lake.

It was here Brett found peace after so many years of war and conflict.  This was the 10th day in a row that he’d been out in his canoe fishing.  The previous day he’d caught nothing, but it didn’t matter.  Today was shaping up to be an okay day with 3 fish caught and another lost.  All fish were of course returned to the lake so that they’d be there another year.

He glanced to the north and caught a flash in the tree’s.  Someone was watching him.  He blinked his eyes to clear them and looked again.  He saw nothing.

“Just calm down,” Brett told himself.  “There’s no one there.  It was just a figment of your imagination.”

He cast the fly onto the lake again and watched the land where he thought he’d seen the flash of light.  It caused him to miss a strike on his fly.  In came his line and he continued to watch the land where he thought he’d seen someone.

Brett cast the line a couple of more times, but it was no use.  He couldn’t get the flash out of his head.  The military training he’d had years before, and spent the last year trying to get out of his head, blasted back into his head.  He was a sitting duck, literally, on the lake and the nearest weapon was at his truck.

He reeled the line in again and paddled his way to shore.  The day was ruined with one flash.  If there was indeed a flash.